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For Little Nippers & Mini Shredders

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MT500JR Youth Helmet

Taking Risks has Never Been Safer

Integrated into the core design of the MT500 Helmet, Koroyd's engineered tubes absorb energy in a more linear fashion than traditional foams reducing peak g-forces in the event of an impact.

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Welcome Little Nippers


Endura present some amazing riding snippets of their clan of Little Nippers nailing jumps and showing off their skillz, kitted out in the latest helmet release for younger MTB riders, the Endura MT500 JR Youth Helmet. Active in all types of off-road adventures, the Little Nippers form part of Endura’s Ground Division grassroots programme that sees riders near you decked out in the finest apparel and accessories. With over 1000 entries answering our call at the start of this year, it was no easy task to select the nine members of the final crew. Look out for more from our newest recruits as they slay trails and pull skids worldwide. To ensure that taking risks has never been safer for our young talent, we introduce the MT500JR Youth Helmet – the junior version of the award winning adult MTB lid, worn by YouTube sensation Danny MacAskill.

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superior impact protection with enhanced airflow

Endura/Koroyd® helmets use 3D formed Koroyd® inserts for enhanced airflow and improved energy absorption in an incredibly lightweight package. This creates the most breathable and lightweight helmets on the market while also providing superior impact protection over standard construction.

Koroyd® Technology

The Protection Project

Tape 01: Danny MacAskill

Protection. It’s in our DNA. Endura now protect Danny MacAskill when he’s riding at the bleeding edge of possibility. The MT500 Helmet is built around a Koroyd core for a step change in helmet safety in an award winning package. The new MT500 Lite Knee Pads use an LP1 insert, the most advanced, breathable protection made by D3O. Endura and Danny share a proud Scottish heritage and strong mountain biking roots. It is a powerful, self-confident partnership but also great for Scotland and reinforces this wee country’s position as a hub of biking excellence.

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